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April 12 2014


April 10 2014

Olafur Eliasson at MIT: The Art and Science of Solar Lights

April 09 2014

Charles M. Vest Celebration: Reception and Portrait Unveiling

April 08 2014

Algae Girl, One Year after 2013 Intel STS Win

April 03 2014

A Gathering To Honor And Celebrate The Life Of Charles M. Vest

March 31 2014

TalkBack 360: Creating Culture in Virtual Worlds

March 27 2014

A new angle on controlling light
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Ils font avancer la recherche : Qu'est ce qu'une hépatite C


Série ?Ils font avancer la recherche? une co-production de l?Institut Pasteur et de Sup?Biotech

L?hépatite C est une infection chronique du foie provoquée par un virus ; une dégradation progressive peut s?installer et conduire à un cancer. Cette pathologie se transmet au contact du sang et les populations à risque identifiées sont : les détenus, les toxicomanes...

3% de la population mondiale est atteinte et en France 326 000 cas sont recensés.

Aujourd?hui, il n?existe toujours pas de vaccin, toutefois les traitements curatifs suivent une bonne évolution, deviennent moins contraignant et une guérison à 100% se dessine.

©Institut Pasteur-Sup'Biotech

Tim Armstrong on Video: AOL Launches “ONE,” an Automated Ad Platform for Brands and Advertisers

SAN FRANCISCO –  AOL announced today the creation of ONE, a platform for both buyers and sellers of digital media to transact.  We sat down with AOL CEO Tim Armstrong after he presented the news as a keynote at the AdTech conference here.

He speaks about the “mechanization” of the advertising and media business and the new role of AOL.   He speaks about the alliance with IPG Mediabrands, which will us the new platform as the charter agency.

Earlier we published this interview about ONE with Kristi Argyilan, President of IPG Mediabrand’s Magna Global unit.

March 26 2014


Netflix Relies on Programmatic Buying to Target Video Viewers

San Francisco — Netflix is betting more on the use of programmatic buying to help grow its user base and better connect viewers with the shows it offers, says Kathy O’Dowd, Senior Manager of Programmatic Marketing at Netflix during an interview with Beet.TV. The online video service relies on “troves of first party data” to effectively target viewers, and did so for the Mitt Romney documentary it premiered earlier this year, as an example.

“That was a very particular group. We wanted to see who had an affinity for political documentaries or for political figureheads, so we build models and go out in the marketplace to target them,” she explains. She adds that as Netflix expands its own marketing with programmatic buying, it focuses on premium publisher sites only. “We don’t use long tail sites, no mom and pop shops, nothing with lots of ad clutter” she says, adding that Netflix avoids auto-play sites as well. “If we are going to be seen as a premium brand with award-winning programming content, we need to be surrounded by content of equal value.”

For more insight into Netflix’s approach to programmatic buying, check out this video interview.

We interviewed O’Dowd at the Beet.TV programmatic television summit where she was a speaker.


Xaxis Exec: Online Video Will Benefit from More Data and More Premium Content

SAN FRANCISCO — Despite the love-hate relationship some marketers have with GRPs, look for that standard measurement to play a part in digital and programmatic buying. Metrics like GRPs as well as ad buying strategies like automation can help bring more brands to digital that are more familiar with TV, says Paul Dolan, SVP Global Business Development at WPP-owned Xaxis, during an interview with Beet.TV.

“We have more data but we have to look at the manpower too and bring that in line with other media channels,” he says. “Programmatic, data-driven solutions will help simplify some of the complexity…We look at what can we learn from TV and how can we bring GRPs into digital and layer on top automation and programmatic capabilities so we can bring digital to a place brands are familiar with like TV.”

One of the biggest challenges in online video is boosting the level of content. “There is a huge lack of premium online video,” he says, and that’s why Group M recently partnered with Hulu, and is aiming to surround that content with programmatic buying and targeting. “Let’s harness data for better targeting. Data is moving faster and is more readily available. Let’s harness that data to make targeting better and make measurement better and programmatic is the enabler of that.”

We interviewed Dolan at the Beet.TV programmatic television summit where she was a speaker.


NYT CEO: We Have To Get Back To Ad Growth

LONDON — The New York Times must halt its digital advertising decline as a priority, says CEO Mark Thompson, even as he launches another paid digital service.

Advertising, which historically has only ever grown since digital media are themselves growing platforms, fell again by a small amount during the publisher’s last quarter.

“We are absolutely determined to get digital advertising back to growth,” Thompson tells Beet.TV. “We launched our native advertising product back in January - we have a number of contracts already signed – it could build, over time, to be a significant revenue source for us. We will be innovating elsewhere in digital advertising.”

Thompson says “custom solutions” like page takeovers and native advertising are “the highest-value inventory” in the NYT’s ad arsenal, but “routine banner advertising” is increasingly being sold by programmatic algorithms because “data is king”.

Thompson also unveiled an “express”, mobile-only news app, NYT Now, due to launch on April 2 at $8 per month.

He was interviewed by Beet.TV at the FT Digital Media Conference.


TubeMogul Files for IPO

Tubemogul, the programmatic video advertising technology platform, has filed for an IPO aimed at raising $75 million, according to government filings.  In January at CES we spoke with founder and CEO Brett Wilson about the company and its leadership role in pushing for viewability around digital video.  We have reposted that interview today.



IPG’s Magna Global Joins AOL “ONE” as Charter Partner, Kristi Argyilan explains

SAN FRANCISCO – Today, AOL announced the  organization of its programmatic advertising operations into a new entity which it calls “ONE.”   Joining the initiative as “charter” partner is Magna Global, the media agency of IPG Mediabrands.

Speaking with Beet.TV, Kristi Argyilan, president of Magna NA, gives an overview of the automation of digital media, the alliance with Adap.tv and AOL and the plans for a global roll-out.


TED: Ed Yong: Suicidal crickets, zombie roaches and other parasite tales - Ed Yong (2014)

We humans set a premium on our own free will and independence ... and yet there's a shadowy influence we might not be considering. As science writer Ed Yong explains in this fascinating, hilarious and disturbing talk, parasites have perfected the art of manipulation to an incredible degree. So are they influencing us? It's more than likely.

IPG’s Magna Global is Building “Private Marketplaces” for TV Programmatic

SAN FRANCISCO – Magna Global, the media agency of IPG Mediabrands, is creating new platforms to buy television inventory programmatically, with the creations of private marketplaces, explains Michael Brunick, SVP for Programmatic, in this interview with Beet.TV

We spoke with him at the Beet.TV summit on programmatic television advertising yesterday.


Netflix Embracing Programmatic Video Advertising in New Marketing Push

SAN FRANCISCO –  Netflix is embracing programmatic video as a means to raise visibility of Netflix as an entertainment brand –  not as a service which had been the past marketing objective, explains Mike Zeman, Director of North American Marketing, in this interview with Beet.TV

Zeman, who joined Netflix last year from the giant media  agency VivaKi, talks about the implementation of programmatic at the company, the market dynamics around pricing and inventory and the opportunities for big companies like Netflix to implement their own programmatic platforms.  He also speaks about the varying opportunities abroad, noting that TV delivery in the Netherlands would allow his colleagues to fully implement via programmatic.


C'est quoi FERT?

Fert est une association française de coopération internationale pour le développement agricole des pays en développement et émergents. Elle a pour objet de contribuer à créer dans ces pays les conditions permettant aux agriculteurs d?améliorer leurs conditions de vie et de travail et de contribuer à assurer la sécurité alimentaire de leur pays. FERT est présent dans 13 pays.

©TerreTV 2014

FERT soutient l'agriculture familiale

L?ONU a déclaré l?année 2014 ?Année de l?agriculture familiale?.
Quelles sont les caractéristiques de ce type d?agriculture, que peut-elle apporter ?
Réponse de Michel Amiraux, conseiller agricole FERT, une association de coopération internationale qui aide les agriculteurs dans 13 pays à se développer.

©TerreTv 2014

C'est quoi FERT?

Fert est une association française de coopération internationale pour le développement agricole des pays en développement et émergents. Elle a pour objet de contribuer à créer dans ces pays les conditions permettant aux agriculteurs d?améliorer leurs conditions de vie et de travail et de contribuer à assurer la sécurité alimentaire de leur pays. FERT est présent dans 13 pays.

©TerreTV 2014
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